Wilmot CSS is a sytlesheet for websites and web apps to make simple websites or "live" academic papers stand out. Its design is inspired by the UI redesign from Riot.im and is intended to be easy to use and implement.

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What Wilmot offers

Wilmot.css offers a no-frills stylesheet that includes responsive design that works on mobile devices. Features include:

Ideal use cases

While Wilmot is open-source and can be extended with further styling, it is best used natively for these types of sites:

Try now

In your HTML document, add Wilmot.css to your head element and the appropriate JS to your body:

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://wilmotcss.marquiskurt.net/wilmot.css"/>

 <script src="https://wilmotcss.marquiskurt.net/wilmot.js"></script>